Corporate video production is another area where Sartaj Films has made a meaning mark. It's a huge canvas as wide as commercial world. We have made many short animated films to multi-layered corporate videos.  


Best for medical/science based work, as well as manufacturing and logistics, 3D animation brings a life-like quality level to the table.


Adding video to your landing page could increase your conversion rates by more than 200%. Leverage the go-to approach of explainer videos to beat the competition.


Improve content strategy, visualize market research, simplify your product/offering, and more. Search volume for infographics jumped 800% in just over 2 years.

Presentation design

No more putting people to sleep with standard PowerPoint presentations. Step up your presentation game with the only route you should ever go; VISUAL.

Corporate Photography

Working in conjunction with marketing departments or communication teams, to convey ideas through strong images, We produces photography for annual reports, newsletters and marketing materials.

Industrial Photography

Industrial photography for marketing, advertising, exhibition prints, brochures and online. We enjoys working in the most challenging of locations, day or night.

Corporate Interiors

Corporate Interior photography for eye catching images to the media and press. We produce high quality photography for architects, interior designers, businesses, corporations.

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography, promoting your business by capturing your organisation’s identity through great imagery. Ideal for websites, brochures, annual reports, exhibitions, advertising and marketing materials.

Profile shot

Business portrait photography in a fresh, relaxed, or more formal styles for your business head shots for your website, social media, including LinkedIn and business publicity.

Portable Studio

Portable location studio, where the studio and lighting comes to you. This offers great flexibility, creativity and produces high quality photography of your products or people.

Public Relations Photography

PR photography, covering your business news stories and all your public relations requirements to ensure they make it into print or online publications.

Events Photography

We have experienced event photographers, providing high quality images and creative coverage of your event, conference, VIP visits, awards diners, team building days.

We produce high quality animations with engaging concepts and short durations. Our video infographics can deliver tons of information to the audience; bypassing the need of time needed to read large paragraphs. We work with best illustrators and experienced content creators.

Corporate PPT Presentations
Raw data and plain spread sheets are often overwhelming and tedious to follow. And standard powerpoint templates have simply become trite. We turn these plain texts and slides into high-impact presentation to help you deliver your message, and prevent your audience to glaze over.

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